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Awaken My Fire

Publisher Avon Books  | Available: Kindle or Paperback

Beloved throughout Brittany, a courageous champion in her people’s resurrection against the King Henry’s claim to the French crown, Lady Roshelle of Reales is determined to prevent Vincent de la Eresman, the famous Duke of Suffolk, from claiming her castle.


Each of Vincent's and Roshelle's encounters are intense and electrifying until at last the Duke and his army end the siege. The Duke and his men finally discover why the beautiful and rebellious young lady is still unmarried.


Papillion, her deceased guardian, a famous scholar, philosopher, healer, and sorcerer, placed a curse on his charge and any man who attempts to lay with Roshelle shall be struck down dead. It takes the Duke some time to stop laughing at the idiocy of Frenchmen who believe this curse, but still he is grateful she has remained protected by the belief in it. His seduction begins, for all he knows is the defiant French beauty has captured his heart and soul…

What People Say

Jennifer Horsman is one of the best authors! This was my 2nd book I read from her and I was not disappointed. She creates really unique characters like Vincent and Roshelle. You can feel their relationship problems and see these problems happen in everyday life. Vincent and Roshelle have problems at every turn. They love each other so much, but are too stubborn to admit it. Roshelle is an intelligent woman living in a predominantly male society; she shows the men how smart and strong women can be. Vincent learns true love. It is a great book! I enjoyed it so much and have ordered more of her books to read!

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