"The novel delves into a variety of hardships … the content is powerful. Flowers delivers a … touching contemporary novel that is … relevant in its treatment of drug-trafficking, immigration, and human rights issues.” (Kirkus Reviews)

A friend of mine read this here story to me and lord, this is one mighty fine tale.
Harriet Tubman

Every American should read this novel! If I read this book, it would change my mind (assuming I have one, a big assumption!) on immigration and we really could make America great again!
President Trump

An abundance of heart-pounding action makes this a page-turner that adroitly deals with immigration, drug trafficking, and human rights issues. The story’s violence is offset by remembered conversations with abuela—both amusing and insightful—and the tender relationship between two young adults….

(Booklist May 15, 2017)

A must read not just for all Americans, but for all people everywhere. There are sixty million plus refugees in the world today—it is a time of cosmic upheaval and the one thing that will see human kind through is compassion and music. 
Angel Gabriel

Juan Pablo and the Butterflies

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JJ Flowers' screenplays have been optioned multiple times by top studies and academy award winning producers and each script has received excellent coverage.

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