I moved south to finish my college degree at the University of California at Irvine. Here I fell instantly and madly in love with one of my professors (after graduation of course). It took about two years, but finally, I convinced Dr. John Flowers to marry me. (Thank you John!) While most of my life force was sucked up by a steady stream of kids, yoga, dogs and cats, I managed to write a few books. 

Most of these are historical romances (Avon Books, Zebra Books), many of which actually won awards and one of these awards was almost considered prestigious. I finally stopped being able to write these novels when I began having fantasies of killing off my heroines—in really dreadful ways. Still, folks love these stories and they still sell after all these years. Magic Embrace is the biggest seller, followed by Forever and a Lifetime and A Kiss in the Night. All but two have a five star rating by Amazon customers and great reviews. Almost none of these reviews were written by my friends.


Like all writers, I’ve always been a voracious reader. I read two newspapers a day, the New Yorker religiously, and then at least a book a week: mostly science, some history and lots and lots of fiction. My favorite authors, if I could only name five: Toni Morrison, Margaret Attwood, JM Coetzee, William Falkner, and all things Charles Dickens. Recently I fell in love with Ocean Vuong, Amor Towles--wait. This list is too long.

The Laguna Beach Bookies, the best book club in the world.

Then came the year I lost my much loved husband of thirty three years, and eleven months later our son Jonpaul, the two brightest lights in my life. This changed everything. The loss coincided with the migration of thousands of children fleeing violence in their countries, seeing a safe harbor in the US and as everyone knows, the thing about grief is it busts your heart open. This is when Juan Pablo and the Butterflies landed on my keyboard. (Simon and Schuster, 2017) 

Seated at the beach one day, I was contemplating legally changing my name from Jennifer Horsman to JJ Flowers. To honor John and Jonpaul. A man passed by in front of me, wearing a tee-shirt that said in bold letters: FLOWERS. That nailed it.  

Grief often opens the doors to the spiritual realm, though in retrospect, I was already connecting. My latest non-fiction book is Grief Is Love (Lantern Books, 2021) will soon be available. This short, powerful book on losing a loved one was aided by my connection to Six Saints and Three Angles and I know it will ease the broken hearts and endless tears brought when we lose the people we love.


Favorite Authors

  • Toni Morrison

  • Margaret Attwood

  • JM Coetzee

  • William Falkner

  • Charles Dickens


I was born and raised in San Francisco, California...

Of course real yogis do not post asana pictures, because a real yogi gets that the light is internal and there is no need for external validation...

JJ Flowers

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