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Forever and a Lifetime

Publisher: Zebra | Available: Kindle, Mass Market Paperback

This compelling and exciting story is set just after the Burgundy War where one thousand Swiss warriors soundly beat back ten thousand French soldiers and Switzerland was revealed to the world as the land not only of majestic snow capped mountains, clear mountain lakes, rich farmland and endless forests, but of a proud, passionate and free people.

None the least of which is the young and beautiful lady Nichole Lucretia, highborn sister to Charles the Bold, Lord of all of Lucerne. Beautiful, wild in a way that begs to be tamed, Nichole is a gifted healer and practionaire of the old religion. A secret entrusted to her care has the awesome power to force her brother to her will and allow her to choose her husband.

Lord Jonpaul Van dir Birs is Lord of Dornach, the wealthiest realm in all of Switzerland and leader of the powerful Alliance of Swiss States. He has the lady Nichole kidnapped and brought to his court in order to force the secret from her. Jonpaul never expected Nichole's willfulness, irrepressible courage or the fierceness of her spirit to alter his plans, to say nothing of capture his heart, but still the Alliance must find a way to stop the unholy ambitions of Lord Charles. Jonpaul knows Nichole will eventually recognize the powerful emotion between them as a love and passion that will last forever and a lifetime, but will she seize the truth in time to save them and the people they love?

What People Say

"This has got to be one of my all time favorite re-reads!! This book is one that you can't put down. I have read it a gazillion times and still I love it each time."

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