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Magic Embrace


Publisher: Zebra Books | Available: Kindle or Paperback.

Here, in this popular and famous novel, Black Garrett--pirate, sorcerer, British spy--first mistakes the innocent beauty Juliet for a cold blooded murderer, responsible for his dear brother's death. By the time he discovers his mistake, it is too late to save Juliet. Garrett is forced to imprison the hauntingly beautiful and rebellious young lady against her will. Their warring, entwined fates ignite a passion that has the awesome power to save the world.

Knowing only the confines of her room and the worlds between the covers of books, Juliet Stoddard could hardly believe the unfolding nightmare; she had no idea why this terrifying legend had kidnapped and imprisoned her against her will.  Bewildered and betrayed, she knew only that she was powerless to escape the devil's trance and wrest free of his magic embrace.

What People Say

"Wow! As an avid romance novel reader I have to say that this is my favorite book ever! The book has everything a great romance needs: passion, sexual suspense, laughter, and a hero that you would just die for! This book is a must read!"

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