Meditating with Melchizedek

As channeled through Paul Selig


The following is how I meditate with the Guides. Please know this is VERY personal, and just as each of our spiritual paths are as unique as our fingerprints, each person will discover their own means and method of meditating with the Guides. Your way is the right way. I offer my means only to serve as an example of the limitless possibility of connecting to Melchizedek.


One more thing, before we begin: I know the Guides as Six Saints (saints meaning enlightened beings) and Three Angels (angels meaning beings who have not incarnated.) There is a lot of numerology and sacred geometry in the three sets of three, which forms a perfect balance and when I think of this, I understand I am glimpsing something much larger than anything I can imagine.


I begin a conscious, energetic breath.

First, I say these words:


I am now aligning to the highest possible energy;

And to the great love that I exist in;

And to divine knowledge,

Word I am word through this intention.


I am word through my body, health and wellbeing; word I am word; (here you might word through various components of your health, for instance, your eyes, ears.)

I am word through my vibration, word I am word;

That vibration is love; love I am love through all that is before me.

I am word through the knowing myself as word, word I am word.


I know who I am in truth;

I know what I am in truth;

I know how I serve in truth;

I am free, I am free; I am free.


Then, I visualize a staircase opening to a blue sky. At the top, I open the doors.

I am now sitting in lotus, surrounded by an expanding gold pyramid. It first expands over me and then the whole earth. The earth pops into the middle of the pyramid.


God/source appears an ever expanding bright light and this light, like sunlight on water, streams into the golden pyramid, covering the globe above me.


I word through the Guides:

I know who you are in truth: You are Melchizedek; you are six Saints and Three Angels; you are millions of souls who sing our song; you are millions of past lives, the story of each one of those lives; the knowledge gain from each life, the collective wisdom of these lives. I honor this.


I know what you are: Divine light.

I know how you serve: Lifting humanity to the highest light. (upper room)

You are free, you are free, you are free.

You are here, you are here, you are here.

You are love, you are love, you are love.

Welcome, welcome, welcome;

I have come, I have come, I have come.


God Is, God Is, God Is.


By this point the Guides’ vibration is present and strong.


Then, the nine aspects of God.

The first is  the divine light in all living beings: the oceans and the ocean’s creatures; the jungle, the jungle creatures; the forests and the forest creatures, the mycelium that connects us all, mushrooms and fungus, the whole of the plant kingdom and all the animal kingdoms: insects, reptiles, the beautiful winged creatures of our world and the animals.


Second: The divine light in the human heart. (Also healing energy.)


Third: the trinity: God, the human heart, the Holy Spirit.


The fourth: the Purest Love.


The fifth: the Highest Light.


The sixth: Protection through the Holy Spirit


The Seventh: God’s plan for each of us; God’s plan for humanity experienced as let go; let God; let go, let God. Let God write your story.


The Eighth: The mystery that is God; infinity; God Is the energy of creation; God is Love: God is the divine light in all living things.


The Ninth: The amplification of the Guides as a collective energy, as one, the whole of their energy.


By this point, vibration is even stronger and I begin a loving kindness meditation: wording through the people in my life and the wider world. I visualized all people linking arms and singing one song to God.


The sparkling light dances faster and stronger over the globe.


I thank the Guides for their presence.


This is the best place to set a daily personal intention with the Guides.

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