Passion's Joy

Publisher: Zebra Books| Available: Kindle, Mass Market Paperback

This novel is both thrilling and suspenseful from the beginning to the end. While by day Joy Claret is the beautiful charge of socially prominent Dr. Joshua Rubens, by night she, disguised as a teenage boy, works on the Underground Railroad to free slaves. The escape plan is perfectly executed until the moment Ram Barrington appears these pages. Known among the elite English aristocracy as the iconoclastic Lord Ramsey Barrington the Third, the ruggedly handsome captain soon becomes dangerously entangled in the beautiful young lady's unconventional life. The stakes are high and scene after scene explodes with desire and page turning excitement climaxing as Joy is forced to marry Lord Ramsey and finds herself among the most elite of the British aristocracy where she must find the key to the mystery that prevents them from finding Passion's Joy...

This novel is also hot, sexy, (very!); full of erotic scenes that will keep you turning the pages. Two fierce spirits battling an overwhelming passion, a desire that threatens to destroy or save them both. Ram tries desperately to resist the one hundred or so pounds of trouble, while Joy's innocence teases and tempts him into madness, until one night of deception Joy's innocence is presented in a different light...

Lord Barrington and Joy Claret are larger than life  characters. Ram is a larger than life hero: intelligent, witty, even brilliant, armed with a frighteningly strong personality, a vast fortune and an ambition to match, he is the most dangerous adversary in the world, especially for Joy Claret. Their passion eventually becomes love, but one prohibited by the dark fate and mystery woven into Ram's life history.

Fascinating historical detail of Louisiana's and England's regency aristocracy bring you to the enchanting settings, while the engaging and unexpected twists and turns keep you turning pages. And the ending is guaranteed to be a good deal more than satisfying...


"This is one of those romances that I have remembered the details from more than 10 years ago. Excellent writer, who has me laughing throughout the book, as well as brushing away tears once or twice. For all you historic can't get much better than this!"

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