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Spiritual Infusions 3/15/2018

I will use this space to relate when spirit descends into my daily life and magic happens.

I was driving to yoga and unexpectedly Paul Selig's guides zoomed in  and they told me to imagine people as God sees them--beautiful. I love this practice, but it wasn't, ah, convenient at the moment, as I was driving, but still I engaged my imagination and as I drove along suddenly all the drivers appeared as so beautiful! My heart burst open. I saw too,  that no one   realized how beautiful they were--the noise of life was drowning it out. This feeling overwhelmed me, when suddenly cars screeched to a halt. A homeless man in wheelchair is crossing the street. 

Omg. I know him! I have exchanged pleasantries with him for decades--in fact last time I saw

Lennie I said, "Lennie, do you realize we have known each other for decades?"

He laughed and said, "And Jennifer you are a special person to know."

Presently Lennie is stuck in the middle of busy street and drivers are impatient, trying to go around him. He is waving them around. I pull over to help and soon Lennie and I are on sidewalk. I ask if he is okay? He says yes and then, he asked me, "Can you do me a favor?" 

"Of course," I replied, still sensing  a powerful love, now bouncing between Lennie and I. "What do you need?"

He asks, strangely: "You're right handed, right?"

Yes, I nod. Though my right arm has recently accrued nerve damage from an odd bout of shingles. I say odd because I rarely, if ever get sick. The shingles only  lasted two days, but there was this lingering soreness and weakness which was not that big of a deal, except it was interfering with my yoga practice. 

Anyway I watched as Lennie began unwinding these grimy strips of cloth  around his hand and arm. I am thinking he wants me to bind these tighter for him, but no. He offered his hand for a shake. Smiling, I shake his arm.  

A magical tinkling shoots up my right arm. I feel it. Soreness is gone. Nerve damage gone. My eyes fill with tears as Lennie smiles and rolls away. 

Shortly afterwards, Lennie transitioned. Sending love Lennie!

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