Spiritual Amplification

There are two parts to our existence—the spiritual realm and the material world. Each acts as a mirror to the other; what affects one, affects the other.  Some deeply religious people do not perceive a difference between the spiritual and the material—my guides assure me the difference is illusory--but most of us still recognize a separation between them. 


Our lives are suffused with spiritual energy. As we connect to it and our awareness expands, we become more loving, compassionate and thoughtful—all we were meant to be. If our purpose here on earth is to walk each other home, we are then better able to do so; we are better able to serve.  

Here are a few of my amusing spiritual adventures, the pieces from heaven falling to earth, so to speak, things that happened before I walked through the doors to the spiritual realm.

Looking to amplify your spiritual wealth? Here are transformative books and powerful practices. 

Loving Kindness