Virgin Star

Publisher: Avon Books | Available: Kindle or Paperback


This story opens with our beautiful young heroine Shalyn knocked unconscious and stripped of her memory and her clothes and left on Captain Seanessy's doorstep. Tall, devastatingly handsome, a man whose wit is just as menacing as his pistoles and fighting ability, Seanessy is intimately involved with British parliamentarian politics and running England's most successful shipping enterprises. After one look at the comely and unconscious lass, he knows immediately one thing: here is trouble.


Yet Shalyn becomes much more than just trouble. For the first time in his long life, he finds himself unable to resist the untried promise and sensuality in his slim package of rebellion, irritation, and a good deal of amusement. Suspense and intrigue mount as Seanessy and his men must discover the mystery surrounding the Shalyn's treacherous past before it is too late. Someone is  trying to kill her. As the mystery becomes darker and darker still and the stakes keep rising, scene after scene explodes with desire and page turning excitement.

As these two fierce spirits ride the escalating suspense and battle an overwhelming passion, you will keep turning the pages until the guaranteed satisfying (extremely!) ending.


"This is possibly my favorite romance I've ever read from one of the best romance novelist of our times. Jennifer's work is passionate and well thought out. Fast pace, steamy, steamy, pages, excellent story. And lol funny to boot.