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With One Look


Publisher: Avon Books | Available: Kindle, paperback

Set in New Orleans in the early 1800 just as Americans began influencing trade and culture, here is Jennifer Horsman's most intense and compelling story.


Jade Terese Devon is a green eyed enchantress; one of this famous city's most beautiful, charming, vivacious and well loved citizens. Tragically, since the day she witnessed her beloved parent's gruesome and mysterious murder, she is also blind. The murderer was never apprehended. Every time something reminds her of that day, she is struck with a painful seizure and upon waking, she has no memory of it.

Now someone is trying to kill her.

Only Jade Terese could have captured the handsome young shipbuilder Victor Knolte's heart. Strong, willful, richer than a king, only Victor can save Jade Terese, first from an unthinkable slavery and then from dark and threatening past. Yet Jade Terese will never be truly safe until Victor forces her to see again, a violent process that first endanger Jade's very sanity and then imperils the precious love and passion, a passion that began with one look...

What People Say

"This was an excellent read, one of my all time favorites! It is the most different of all the romances I have read, mostly because the heroine suffers from hysterical blindness and the hero decides to force her to remember her parent's gruesome deaths in order to restore her vision. I won't say what happens, but it kept me turning the pages. It was also pretty steamy in parts—sizzling hot love scenes. Jennifer Horsman's books are wonderful and I wish that she'd continue writing such great stories."

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