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Love makes the world go ‘round.

It is no doubt all we need.

No matter what the question, love is the answer.

Is love more than a cliché? You bet.

My guides assure me it is the main point.

Still, it is flabbergasting how little people understand the most powerful energetic force on earth. 

Throughout time, people have gone about getting love in myriad of ineffective ways. Many—maybe even most—people operate under a lifelong illusion that material goods and wealth will land them, first, the prize of extra social status and then, the treasure of love. Whether consciously or not, people attempt to purchase love with cash: fancy houses, cars, and furnishings, expensive things. Even many of the vacations people take are poor attempts to earn social standing among friends and family. If we probe just beneath the surface, it is all in the hopes that it will buy them love.


The same illusion has people spending countless dollars and time on their appearance. (Here’s a tip—you don’t want anyone who loves you for your appearance; this story ends tragically every time.) Still, other people’s occupational successes are often little more than a futile reach for love. Even shoes can be seen as a gimmick to get and secure love in your life.

Love does not answer to any of these things.


Love is not even the emotion most people think it is. While love causes emotions, lots and lots of them, it is itself energy, the most potent force on earth and in heaven. And there is only one way to get more of it.

To get more love, you only have to give more love.

Mother Teresa

Think of the most beloved person of the last century, Mother Teresa. How did she get so much love? By giving it. She was an expert on love.

Once Mother Teresa and Bono were at a UN relief center serving life-sustaining food to a large group of people. Bono said, “When I see this long line of starving people I see an indictment of the whole human race.”

The surprised the old woman replied, “When I see these poor starving people, I see the face of Jesus.”

Jesus served as the conduit for Mother Teresa’s love. She saw him everywhere, in every face. In this way, she used her imagination to manifest love for all people, spreading it everywhere she went, and receiving an abundance of it back.

Fill Your Consciousness with Love

A loving-kindness meditation amplifies the spiritual energy of love.


This has powerful energetic consequences for you and everyone around you.


It is so simple.

At the conclusion of your meditation practice or before you fall asleep, or any time really, fill your consciousness with love. But how do you do this?


Simply remember the time you felt the most love: a memorable embrace from a loved one; a Christmas morning; the birth of a child; a burst of heart energy brought by the shenanigans of a beloved dog or cat; a slow dance with your partner under the light of a full moon; saying the last goodbye to your mom. For many Christians, it will be when you first felt Christ’s love overwhelm you.

Relive the memory in detail, letting love flood your consciousness.

Now, imagine this love as a glittering white light with golden threats running through it.

Think of a family member. Imagine the glittering white light cascading over this person—like the touch of Tinkerbell’s wand. (Corny, but there it is.) You can magnify this by reliving a happy, loving memory of this person.

Send love as a glittering white light to each of your family members in turn. Imagine them laughing or opening their arms with joy as the light cascades over them. Let go of any troubling aspect to their personality. See them only as their best self. My guides zoom in to insist on this, that we see each person as their best self—and they promise we will be lifting everyone up energetically when we do so.

Now, go through your friends in this way, seeing them at their best self, with a glittering white light spilling over and around them.

Next, go through your co-workers, sending each of them love.

Include your neighbors and any other person in your world.

Now, think of someone you loved who is no longer with us: a grandparent, parent, child, or friend, anyone so long as you love them. Visit your happiest memory of this person. Relive it in detail. When inviting our consciousness to relive a memory, it often becomes quite vivid. As emotion floods your consciousness, imagine the glittering white light cascading over them.

Thank them for being in your life, for the gift of their love.

If you experience tears, a tingling sensation, or a buzzing in your ears, this is spirit answering your gift with love. It is a powerful experience.

Handling the Challengers

No doubt, as you go through the people in your life, someone popped into your mind whom you find it difficult to send love to—a controlling parent, a quarrelsome teenager, a troublesome neighbor (every neighborhood has at least one!), a chronically complaining coworker, a nutty uncle. This loving kindness practice is especially effective on the challenging people in your life; in fact I guarantee it is more effective than a year’s worth of therapy.


You see most people naturally tend to focus on how the difficult person affects them, but again, this is not helpful. Instead, try to imagine what the heck happened in their life. Imagine how hard it is for them to be them.

My guides zoom in to correct me... again, they remind us it is still even better to imagine the difficult person as their best self. They suggest imagining your difficult friend or associate as transformed by love, happiness, joy, and laughter as you shower them with glittering white light.

At first, some people find it hard to send ‘difficult’ people love. If you experience this, just imagine the white light as blessings. Lift them up—they need it! You will be flabbergasted at how this spiritual practice manifests in the material world.

At the end this meditation, imagine a cascade of love falling over you.

Practice Metta-meditation every day, then twice a day. 

On the material plane, this has amazing benefits. The practice alters your consciousness in a powerful way. You are literally rewiring your brain to give and receive love. Love, the most meaningful experience on the planet, becomes easier.

Within two weeks of practicing a metta-meditation, you will notice that people begin responding to you differently. It can be as simple as the warmth of their smile, a lingering touch, or an unexpected intimacy. The effect is most dramatic in love-starved people. Do they actually receive the love or are you different?

The answer is—both are true.

You are becoming a conductor of love.

You are also opening your consciousness to the spiritual realm.

You will see. Your life is about to change.

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