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 Grief Is Love

Lantern Books | Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audible

This is the bestselling book sent straight from heaven. For everyone who has lost a loved one. The perfect gift for anyone who has lost a loved one. 

Juan Pablo and the Butterflies

Publisher: Simon Pulse | Available: Kindle, Hardcover

The Alchemist meets the Cartel, Juan Pablo and the Butterflies is a powerful suspense story inspired by the thousands of unaccompanied minors crossing the border into our country.

Screenplays & Plays

JJ Flowers' six scripts have been optioned over 25 times. (Warner Bros., Paramount, Julian Krainin Productions, Faye Schwab Productions, among many other studios and production companies.) She has won awards, including a finalist in the AACT New Play Festival. Jeffrey Kazenberg once said Noah's Ark: The True Story was one of the best scripts he ever read. Recently Richard Harding hired JJ to write the Emma Edmond's Story, the true story of a young woman who disguised herself as a man and fought heroically in the Civil War.  Click here to read the summaries of some of these screenplays and if you'd like to read any of them, please contact me at


Spiritual Adventures

Here are three timeless practices that amplify spiritual wealth in a big way: a daily meditation practice, a loving-kindness or Metta-meditation practice and a gratitude practice. Appearing in some form in all religions and spiritual traditions, these practices are powerfully transformative. 

Loving Kindness Meditation
Gratitude Practice