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Here are the most interesting pages: Spiritual Adventures and Spiritual Reading List. 


Have you come for free (and amazing) dream analysis? 

Here are the most worthwhile pages: Three practices for Spiritual Amplification: Meditation for Beginners, Loving Kindness Meditation and fostering Gratitude as a spiritual practice.


This is the best bet for literary fiction readers: The Laguna Beach Bookies.


Please allow me to present all the books I've written: Best selling five star historical romances, (<--helps to pay the bills) Juan Pablo and the Butterflies, Mary Poppins Retires and Is God Real or Pretend?, a comparative religion book for kids and the people who love them.


Finally, here is my best writing, the Screenplays and plays by JJ Flowers: my small claim to almost fame: Each script has been optioned multiple times by academy award winning producers and major studios (Warner Bros., Paramount, Julian Krainin Productions and each script has excellent (almost unbelievable) coverage.

JJ Flowers

“Imagination is how God speaks to us.”          George Bernard Shaw


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The Spiritual Power of the Vegetarian Diet

The Scientific Power of the Vegetarian Diet


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