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Animal Spirits

I wrote the Spiritual and Scientific Power of the Vegetarian Diet, which has all the latest science supporting a vegetarian diet: the health benefits, the environmental imperative, as well as the animal welfare issues (huge), and using these powerful material world realities to make the case that a plant based diet serves as the foundation for our spiritual connection, that it in fact amplifies this. An agent (a really good one) reads it and says he would like to represent it, but… it needs something more. I’m like, what? He doesn’t know, just knows there is a missing element.

So, I use Alicia Power’s guided meditation to get an answer. I LOVE Alicia Powers! She is a powerful conductor of ‘high authority’, beautiful, spiritual beings. I mean powerful. Here is her meditation video; the most strident doubter will experience this guided meditation energetically, I promise. The first part is Alicia talking, the guided meditation begins half way through.

Here is what happened: I am deep in the mediation and all of a sudden, I am experiencing one of Alicia’s guides. He has had thousands of incarnations. He shows me one. He is standing on the wide expanse of an elevated stage before thousands of people. I feel as if I am in the audience, but surely this is my imagination. What I sense is an overwhelming compassion for the people before him. I ask him what his expertise is? It is our religions and religious traditions.

He surrounds me with an energetic love; I am awash in it.

Finally, I ask him what is missing from my book.

Answers come at once, I’ve notice. There is no delay. Almost as soon as you pose the question, the answer appears in consciousness.

He says: Include your understanding of animals’ spirits.

Epiphany. My understanding of the spirts of animals is missing from my book!

I shower him with gratitude and that is that. I rouse myself to get off to yoga.

Dawn has broken. It is six in the morning. I stumble (a bit discombobulated) from my meditation spot in the backyard into the kitchen, followed by Paris, my Newfoundland and Mango-Bango, our little mutt. And there on the counter sits a distressed finch. Right off I can tell it is terrified, unable to find the way out of the house. My heart starts to pound as I envision the scene familiar to all of us: As I try to get the poor thing out of our house, the terrified bird hits walls and windows, becoming ever more frantic, I become even more nervous and of course the dogs assume this is a group hunt and they enthusiastically join in the chase.

I hear his voice. Ask her spirit to help you.

I close my eyes for a brief moment. I envision the little bird in my mind’s eye. I tell her, I will hold out my hand and if you hop on, I will carry you gently out the door and to freedom. I sense her permission.

I slowly hold out my hand. The little finch hopped on. I gently carried her to the outside, where she flew off my hand.

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